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One hundred days of hard work to guarantee marketing Degong Cold Recycler High-end User Promotion Conference Opened at Xi'an

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In order to further demonstrate the brand image of DEGONG and accelerate market development, on June 3, DEGONG Cold Recycler High-end User Promotion Conference at Xian was grandly opened, and hundreds of users participated in the meeting.

Zhang Xuefeng, director of the company's road marketing department, said at the promotion meeting that since DEGONG Machinery officially joined Shandong Heavy Industry Group, it cooperate together to participate in market competition with other subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. According to the development needs of the market, after the continuous exploration, DEGONG are moving towards the cold recycler high-end market. Today's 550N and 700N mechanical cold recycling machine series products have been at the forefront of the same industry, replacing imported products and breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in high-end road recycling.

Since the first DEGONG mechanical cold recycler was officially introduced to the market in 2003, thanks to the strong support of the users, it has maintained a relatively fast development speed, forming a virtuous cycle of production, development, and reserve. Today, Degong Machinery has a market share of more than 55% in the field of cold recycler products. It has ranked No.1 in sales for 16 consecutive years in the country. The products are sold all over the country, and exported to Russia, Zambia, Kenya and other countries.


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